David Bratbys Murals

Mural on Old Ford Church

Celebration of life in Old Ford
The Artist Ray Walker asked me if I would like to paint a mural on this wall. I had asked him if i could be his apprentice mural painter as he had just painted a mural in Bow.
He said no: he did not want an apprentice, but this wall was too small for him and would I like to paint it.
It was my first large exterior mural!

Mural in Elephant and Castle Subways

Rio Carnival
This mural can no longer be seen
The council have filled in all the subways!

Victorian Spectacular

Another Mural in the tunnel complex showing Victorian entertainment

Surry Docks


Tour Guide

In the years leading up to the filling in of the tunnels I was asked to conduct a number of illustrated tours around underground walkway system.

Ceiling Mural at Poplar Baths

Learning to swim
I bought an underwater housing for my nikon EM (not an ME) and borrowed an aqualung apparatus to photograph older and younger people learning to swim.
I would not be given permission now days.

Sound studios

Poplar Baths had an annex with a sound studio and the headquarters of SPLASH and NIP.

Swimming Gala in Poplar Baths

The students at the William Brinson Centre would take part in a fabulous gala each year.
After painting this mural I ended up teaching there in the afternoon
In the morning they worked packing Matchbox toys.

Mile End Stadium Sports Mural

It was painted when the Liberals were in power, we were in green neighbourhood
the sport manager wanted it painted in only shades of green.
I had the paints made up specially in a shop called Bow Decor.

Bow Travellers Site

I got to know them quite well
Oily fred is the one on the middle

Wall Hanging at st. Pauls Church Marylebone